Boost your Productivity with Furniture

Boost your Productivity with Furniture

We all suffer from the occasional unproductive day, even when we’re at our office. How can we create an environment to keep a productive mind all day? Furniture. Furniture is the most useful tool in keeping us moving. The way we use our furniture can even affect how efficiently we complete our work for the day. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing, arranging, and using your office furniture.





Working a desk job often means sitting in the same chair for hours on end. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause back pain and general fatigue. There are multiple ways to combat these issues. You can use a standing desk or take many short breaks throughout the day. But what about the times that we must continue working? This is when furniture becomes essential to our work day. When purchasing furniture, keep in mind the ergonomic shape of the back support.



Here at Jubilee, we value the promotion of health for our customers. Our wide selection of office chairs is designed with one thing in mind: you. Choose one that makes you the most comfortable. Then, work through the day without worrying about back discomfort.



Consistent, Productive Atmosphere



Research has shown that a messy physical space can lead to a cluttered and unfocused mind. Too many in-congruent stimuli make it difficult for us to hone in our attention on specific tasks. Use your furniture to your advantage by creating a space that is easy-on-the-eyes. Try adding furniture that works with the color palette of the paint on the walls. Then, display items that fit the space’s aesthetic. This way, your desk, and bookshelves won’t be cluttered with unnecessary items. And, it will be easier to focus on your work.



Easily Accessible Storage


When we first design an office space, we don’t expect the walk from our desk to the file cabinet to be very long. The reality is that those frequent trips add up. We’re less inclined to grab those files when we’ve already stood up five times to grab other ones. It is crucial to make convenient placement of all storage furniture in your office space. Try adding one of Jubilee’s wide selection of bookcases behind your desk. Not only will you be able to access it easily, it’ll keep the space looking and feeling fresh. Jubilee also has many office desks that provide ample storage for all your needs. Remember to grab one that fits with your office, so you can stay focused on your work all day long.



Position Yourself Near Natural Light


Giving yourself time to take in natural light throughout the day will ensure that you have a good night’s rest. Las Vegas has plenty of light to give! When we isolate ourselves from natural light for too long, our bodies have a hard time falling and staying asleep. If you want a long-term solution to better sleep and a more productive day, allow yourself natural light. This could be as simple as moving the desk closer to the window. Let the light enter the room instead of blocking it with curtains.



Artificial light can be a life-saver, especially for those long nights working late. But don’t forget that natural light does our bodies so much better. If you find that your space isn’t lit well-enough with natural light alone, grab a lamp that works well with space. Using a few extra lights can also liven the space and make it more easily inhabitable.





Plants have been proven to increase productivity in any work environment. They provide better air quality, liven the workspace, and reduce stress. Small plants around the office will make space feel inhabited, so it feels less empty. They also make for great, short breaks throughout the day, as you water them when needed. Since Las Vegas is a desert, any plants will make a huge difference in your space.



Keep these tips in mind when you are buying new furniture or rearranging your office space. You’ll boost your productivity in no time. And remember, Jubilee can meet all your office space needs!

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