Bedroom Design Tips

Bedroom Design Tips

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and the place you go to most for everything. You find yourself spending the most time there and you find the most comfort in your bedroom, which is even more reason to decorate it the best. Keeping your bedroom simple and relaxed can help keep you at ease.

Change the look and feel of your bedroom with these three tips. Create a new and elevated atmosphere simply by changing the color scheme of your bedroom, create an illusion of a bigger space and add textured details to enhance the look you are going for!


Choose a subtle color

Instead of going for bold colors, go for something a little subtler such as neutral walls or monochromatic tones. Choosing tones such as light blue, lavender or earthy tones will help you feel a sense of serenity and coziness. Certain colors can make your room appear big, small, crowded or empty depending on what you decide on. Ultimately, the colors you pick for your room should be the colors that you naturally gravitate towards and give you  a sense of relaxation and comfort. A great color combination to choose would be shades of brown and blue to give a serene and calm atmosphere.  


Small and Large Bedroom Furniture

Choosing the right sized furniture makes a difference in the look of your room. For smaller rooms, it is important to create the illusion that the room is spacious and bigger than it is. This can be done by making sure it doesn’t feel cramped. You may consider smaller sized furniture such as daybeds rather than a bed with a large bed frame. For ideas on daybeds, browse Jubilee Furniture’s collection of daybeds that will be fitting for this.


It’s challenging to decorate larger bedrooms due to all the space you have to work with. It is important to make use of the space and add furniture where it is necessary to avoid it looking too empty. Make sure to pay attention to the aspects of the bedroom before adding furniture such as ceiling height, width of spaces, small parts of the room, window locations, and more. With ceiling height, this will help you decide the height of the furniture you decide on. Fill your large space with furniture such as larger bed sets, a television/entertainment set, accent cabinets, ottomans and chaises, or even a reading nook.


Adding Texture

Texture could add a lot of finishing touches and details to your room. Aside from the accent furniture and additional bedroom pieces, adding a subtle detail such as a quilted headboard or on a chair could transform the look of your room. If you are going for a modernized look, a quilted texture would be a great addition to your bedroom! For a more traditional or bohemian look, you may go for different textured wooden pieces as your night stands, cabinets, tables and bed headboard.

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