About us


Jubilee Furniture is an International company which focuses on ‘CUSTOM’ Design Futuristic furniture   distribution worldwide.  We provide new concepts using both craftsmanship and technological innovation (modern technology) creating premium quality products.


l With the surge on Online shopping, we developed a user-friendly program for our customers to easily navigate and customize their preferences while browsing through our website.

l Developing art and design with the use of advance technology -Inspire designs for clients to be able to customize their preferences from modern, contemporary and futuristic designs in modular, functional and minimalist styles

l Committing ourselves to manufacturing products that not only meet our standards but also have the responsibility of protecting the environment globally.
l   To provide exemplary customer service to our clients; Service is the core of our business. 


Making and creating Furniture that will outlast Fashion and Style.
To be a valued resource in the industry as experts and specialist in the Furniture Worldwide



     These designers are always thinking beyond the conventional but never exceeding the reality of function. The context of each style created always maintains personality and uniqueness of the design team. At Jubilee Furniture, we can guarantee that your furniture is crafted with excellence in mind.

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