About us

In 1999, family-owned Jubilee Furniture was founded by Mary Li. Her family has owned several furniture stores in Southern California since the 1980s. Mary wanted to offer beautiful furniture and exceptional service to Las Vegas, and Jubilee Furniture was born.

We are partnered with our furniture manufacturers, giving us complete control of the furniture sold at Jubilee Furniture. We are proud to be able to offer beautiful custom furniture based on a customer’s desires. If you’re looking for something specific, we are more than happy to provide exactly what you need!

Why “jubilee”? A jubilee is a special anniversary or a season of celebration. Jubilee Furniture was intended to be a celebration of life. So that’s what we do every day! We celebrate our customers and make them feel special!


  • Mary


  • Talon LI

    Vice President

  • Kathryn


  • Juan

    Delivery & Warehouse Specialist

  • Sergio

    Delivery & Warehouse Specialist

Meet Mary

Jubilee Furniture could not be what it is without founder and owner Mary Li. Her family has been in the furniture business for decades. She brought that experience and expertise to Jubilee Furniture. Beyond that, Mary loves making customers happy. Her favorite part about being in the store is when families walk in and she gets to know them. She enjoys being able to help customers while socializing and making new friends.

Mary is both a mother and a grandmother herself. Family is important to her, which is why she focuses on helping families turn houses into homes. In her free time, Mary likes to go hiking. She also plays golf and tennis. Be sure to challenge her to a round of golf or a game of tennis! When you get the chance, drop into Jubilee Furniture to pay Mary a visit!

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