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About us

In 1999, family-owned Jubilee Furniture was founded by Mary Li. Her family has owned several furniture stores in Southern California since the 1980s. Mary wanted to offer beautiful furniture and exceptional service to Las Vegas, and Jubilee Furniture was born.

We have close connections with our furniture manufacturers, giving us complete control of the furniture sold at Jubilee Furniture. We are proud to be able to offer beautiful custom furniture based on a customer’s desires. If you’re looking for something specific, we are more than happy to provide exactly what you need!

We are partnered with European designers to bring the excellence of modern furniture nationwide in the United States. From leather beds to coffee tables and sectionals, we offer the finest quality furniture on the market. Almost all of our designs are original, giving you a glimpse of outstanding craftsmanship.

Why “jubilee”? A jubilee is a special anniversary or a season of celebration. Jubilee Furniture is intended to be a celebration of life, making your home remarkable. It is our goal to celebrate our customers and make them feel special!


     These designers are always thinking beyond the conventional but never exceeding the reality of function. The context of each style created always maintains personality and uniqueness of the design team. At Jubilee Furniture, we can guarantee that your furniture is crafted with excellence in mind.

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