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Welcome to Jubilee Furniture, where we make your house a home. We are a one stop shop that can turn your dream home into a reality. Explore our vast collection of fine quality futuristic modern furniture for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and even your outdoor haven. We have competitive prices that will suit every budget and will not break your wallet. Our prices cannot be beat! We are always up to date with the latest trends, in order to keep up with demand we have new furniture arriving every month. We are the only furniture store in Las Vegas that offers special orders to fit your style and make custom adjustments to any furniture you enjoy. We offer special top grain Italian leather in multiple colors to suit your desired aesthetic.

Customer service is always our #1 priority. It is our commitment to treat our clients as family and keep you satisfied. Having served the Las Vegas area for almost 20 years, we have seen our Jubilee family grow into a remarkable business with wonderful customers and dedicated employees. Our work is never done until we see that you are fully satisfied with your purchase!

Customizing Your Futuristic Furniture With Jubilee Furniture

Whether you just bought a new home and need some new furniture to decorate it or you are looking to replace your existing furniture, being able to get something that fits you and your home is a must! Jubilee Furniture is committed to creating furniture that fits your style. Our handmade futuristic furniture is able to be customized to your preferences. We specialize in modern leather sectionals which have a variety of looks and shapes. Whether you want a futuristic, contemporary, or elegant style we have the perfect furniture for you! Our sectionals range from classical to modern. We even have party sectionals and sofas! Our Smart beds combine futuristic and classical design to create a unique combination. And each one of these can be customized to suit you and your needs.

From colors to material, Jubilee Furniture has it all! You have the option to choose from Fabric, Bonded Leather, and Top Grain Italian Leather. You can even customize the size so that it fits your space. Adding, subtracting, or resizing - we can do it all!

Add-ons are the best way to go about customizing your furniture. From a coffee table and TV stand that will complete your entire living room set to a console table that will give you an extra space and storage that is sure to be convenient. Adding on a bed function will make it easy for when family or guests come to stay overnight. USB ports and cup holders are a must have for those with larger families or those who enjoy having guests over frequently. An additional armless chair or ottoman means having a larger space for family or guests to relax and hang out. LED lights have a variety of uses, whether it is to light up a storage space or as a fun extra to liven up the mood.

Most of our leather sectionals are modular, meaning you can shape them however you want to fit into your living space. For example, we have U-shaped, I-shaped, curved, and L-shaped leather sectionals. Sectionals are a must have in your living room, whether you have a large family or not. The timeless style of sectionals provides generous resting space and gives you the utmost comfort. Using leather material makes your sectional naturally last longer. The normal amount of wear and tear a couch goes through will not be shown in our modern leather sectionals. Our leather is stretchy and soft, making it perfect to wipe off food stains or withstand pets. Not only is our leather durable, it contorts to your body for maximum relaxation.

When you are looking to tailor-make your furniture so that it matches you and your home, Jubilee Furniture is here to help. So what are you waiting for? Get your furniture with Jubilee Furniture today! Our dedicated and attentive staff are committed to making sure that your dream furniture will become a reality.

Why Purchase a Modern Leather Sectional from Jubilee Furniture?

When you purchase furniture from Jubilee, you are getting the best offer on the market. We make our prices manageable so you can enjoy your home with the furniture you love. We understand that sometimes you cannot pay in full, so we partner with multiple payment plans so you don't have to stress. Our family and staff are dedicated to making the customer happy, and you can't buy that everywhere.

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Address: 4525 W. Spring Mountain Road, Suite 101 Las Vegas, NV 89102

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Future Of Furniture

Futuristic Furniture

Futuristic Furniture

What does Furniture Futuristic refer to?

A futuristic furniture design is something that looks or seems like it is something from the future. As time goes on, the concept of what is considered futuristic changes. But at the same time, we still keep some key elements as to what we believe something from the future will look like. 

Futuristic furniture is one of the most amazing trends when it comes to home decor. Creating a design of a home based on how people from the future will live, work, eat, rest, and have fun is just an amazing and exciting challenge.

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Jubilee Furniture Choice in Leather

Jubilee Furniture Choice in Leather

Jubilee Furniture Choice in Leather Jubilee Furniture strives to deliver the best quality leather that we use in our furniture whether it be a sect...
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Why does Jubilee Furniture take 6-12 weeks for your special order?

Why does Jubilee Furniture take 6-12 weeks for your special order?

Jubilee Furniture is committed to provide excellence in craftsmanship and advance innovation in all our Furniture. All our sectionals and Sofas are HANDMADE and meticulously HANDPICKED for our customers. Sofas continue to be made by Jubilee Furniture skilled individuals that are experts in their crafts. 
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