All Jubilee Furniture is handcrafted using high-quality leather and materials, and each item is meticulously designed to meet every customer’s needs. Occasionally, factors beyond our control may affect an order’s condition prior to or upon its delivery. For items covered within the parameters of our Limited Warranty, we will strive to ensure an appropriate resolution is made.



Jubilee Furniture’s Limited Warranty Policy (also known as “Warranty”) is limited to manufacturing and material defects that appear under normal, residential use (see Warranty Table below). The Coverage Period commences on the date an order is fully processed (i.e., an order has been delivered to its final destination and received by the end recipient), and any repairs, replacements, or compensation may only be offered if the damage falls directly within the parameters of this Warranty. Orders are only considered to be under Warranty if they are purchased directly from our online shop or our Las Vegas, Nevada showroom. This Warranty will cover any repairs, replacements, or other substitutions within the allotted Warranty time frame (see Warranty Table below). Warranty is voided under any and all reasons found within the Exclusions section below.






Glass Armrests & Light Panels


Not covered under Warranty

Reclining Mechanisms

3 Months


Manual Hand Levers

3 Months


Electronic Devices

3 Months

Does not cover LED lights or remote controls

Spring Systems & Seat-Spring Mechanisms

6 Months


Fabric, Bonded Leather, and Synthetic Leather

6 Months



1 Year

(See below)



It is the sole responsibility of the order recipient or owner to protect their furniture from anything that could cause potential damage, fading, or other issues to any bonded or top-grain Italian leather item(s). To increase the lifespan of a sectional or accessory, we strongly advise each customer to only use furniture cleaning products recommended by a professional leather company. Applying any products not recommended by a professional leather cleaning company may result in a voided Warranty. Due to the distinctly unique style of each leather piece, Jubilee Furniture does not guarantee that repairs made to any furniture item will result in a uniform blend of color, grain, or texture.



This Warranty does not include coverage for ANY of the following:

  • Brief or prolonged exposure to external elements, heat, sunlight, artificial lighting, or any weather conditions
  • Improper indoor or outdoor storage/placement of items
  • Incorrect assembly or disassembly of furniture pieces (including beds, sectionals, or other items)
  • Burn marks or ash residue
  • Standard wear and tear
  • Wrinkling or peeling
  • Natural stretching
  • Seams
  • Pilling
  • Discoloration from general fading or as a result of improper leather care (e.g., dyeing, aggressive cleaning, or erroneous maintenance techniques)
  • Mild or excessive soiling
  • Structural damage
  • Regular softening of cushions or general loss of resilience
  • Abuse or negligence
  • Acts of nature (i.e., any damage sustained from a natural disaster)
  • Freight damage
  • Pet damage
  • Owner modifications or alterations
  • Damage or abnormalities caused by misuse of items
  • In-transit damage by any third-party carrier during delivery*
  • Aesthetic preference including design, color scheme, or size
  • Any factor that does not directly or adversely affect the usage of a sectional, bed, table, accent, or add-on feature


*Any damage to an item during transit or delivery will not be treated as a warranty issue. Recipients of orders with damaged or missing items are to submit a claim form to the Jubilee Furniture Claims Department for further assessment. All claims must be submitted within 48 hours from the date an order is received. More information can be found on our Claim Policy page. Orders with warranty issues will not be eligible for refunds or returns. To address a warranty concern, please fill out and submit a Warranty Form.


You may call Jubilee Furniture at (702) 413-1253 or email customerservice@jubileefurniture.com for further information or clarity.

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