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Return Policy


Every Jubilee Furniture professional works tirelessly to ensure you are completely satisfied with your high-end shopping experience. If you wish to return your order, you may do so in accordance with our Return Policy (hereafter known as “Policy”) and the information set herein.



Before customers receive their orders, we inform them of the necessary steps to take before and during the delivery of their furniture pieces. Many of these steps can be found on our Shipping Policy page. For return purposes, it is vital to keep in mind the following:

  • All customers are to retain the original packaging, which includes the boxes and pallets
  • All returned items must be in their original (new), unused condition
  • Returns will not be accepted after thirty (30) calendar days from the date an order is received by the recipient(s)
  • A customer may return their order through a carrier or with a personal or rental vehicle; if a customer chooses to return their order without the use of a carrier, the customer accepts that any damaged or misplaced item(s) before and during the return process may impact the total refund amount
  • For all returns, exchanges, or cancellations, customers
    • accept an automatic 25% restocking fee of the total purchase price for any unauthorized returns or refused shipments, including drop-ship orders
    • accept storage fees for items returned after the allotted complimentary return time period (see Chart below)
    • assume all risks associated when returning any Jubilee Furniture products on their own accord (i.e., without the assistance of a carrier)
    • agree to cover all associated shipping costs for returned items that have not been adversely damaged before, during, or after the initial delivery process as stated in the terms of Jubilee Furniture’s Claim Policy
    • agree to measure all main entry points in their homes and to notify Jubilee Furniture of any crucial dimension concerns prior to completing their purchases (see ‘Size Irregularities’ below)
    • understand that Jubilee Furniture will inform them of approximate delivery dates and times, while third-party carriers will provide more specific delivery windows
    • recognize that any item in which a claim is filed may not meet the requirements for a return
    • accept that third-party carriers or White Glove Service personnel are not to (re)move, haul, or (re)arrange non–Jubilee Furniture products upon delivery
    • understand that all returns must abide by the rules and regulations found within the Jubilee Furniture Return Policy



Refunds for returned items are contingent upon the time frame and condition in which an order is returned. (Please see Chart below for more information.)



Return Timeline

Return Is Possible?

Applicable Fees

Within 15 Days



After 15 Days



After 30 Days



If a return falls on the 15th calendar day (not after), a full refund is still allowable, and no restocking fee will apply.

If a return falls on the 30th calendar day (not after), a full refund is still allowable, but a 50% restocking fee will apply. 

Allotted return time frames commence on the date a customer receives an order. In order to receive a full refund, customers will be responsible for the following:

  1. Retaining the original packaging
  2. Locating a carrier of the customer’s choice and covering the shipping costs
  3. Ensuring items are in new and unused condition before and during the return shipping process.

If customers choose to return an order without the use of a carrier (i.e., customers return their orders on their own), they will be responsible for any damaged or misplaced items during the entire return process. Once an order arrives at our warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada, it will be thoroughly inspected. If the order appears to be in its original (new), unused condition, a full refund—less any applicable restocking fees, if applicable—will be issued to the payment method used at the time of purchase. This applies to all online and in-stock items. For exchanges, you must contact the Jubilee Furniture team via email or phone within seven (7) calendar days from the date you receive your order. (See more information below.)



If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase from our showroom in Las Vegas, Nevada, we offer a one-time exchange or refund within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date you receive your order.

Merchandise must be in its original packaging and condition in order to receive a full refund.

As-is items cannot be returned.



Custom-made (special) orders are not able to be canceled once they are in transit to our port, a carrier’s shipping terminal(s), or a customer’s shipping address. Jubilee Furniture will not provide refunds due to delays in the delivery of merchandise caused by any of the following:

  • Manufacturer scheduling conflicts
  • Limited on-hand stock
  • Limited availability of materials
  • Severe weather conditions at or around the main shipping terminals
  • Traffic congestion across state lines
  • High-volume shipment demands
  • Issues with the on- and off-loading of the shipping containers
  • Customs clearance (at our port in Long Beach, California)
  • Holiday closures
  • Communication discrepancies from third-party carriers
  • Or any other cause beyond the control of Jubilee Furniture



Please carefully read through this Policy regarding exclusions (i.e., orders that are not susceptible to fee-free returns).



All measurements and dimensions are provided in the Description and Detailed Info sections on every page of each Jubilee Furniture item. To ensure your items fit in all designated areas of your home, please be sure to do the following prior to completing your purchase:

  • Measure
    • the front door (or home entry point) in which all furniture pieces will be entering
    • all doorways, hallways, and stairwells
  • Notify us of
    • spiral staircases
    • unconventionally sized doorways
    • mid- or high-rise buildings (with or without elevators)
    • communities in which large vehicles (semis, semi-trailers, tractor-trailers, etc.) are not permitted to enter
    • any other potentially challenging delivery points



Every effort is made to provide fully accurate and high-quality images to assist you in selecting your furniture. While the furniture you receive may not identically correlate to what is shown on our website, we ask to keep in mind the following:

  • All furniture images may vary in color density due to a number of factors that include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • A computer monitor’s color settings
    • A mobile device’s camera quality
    • General light density (natural or artificial)
    • Contrasting interior wall color schemes
    • The surrounding environment (placement of furniture)

Jubilee Furniture is not responsible for minor contrasts in color variations (light density) or sectional dimensions (three inches or less). Precise dimensions can be provided directly by a Jubilee Furniture representative. If you require further assistance with furniture colors or dimension customization, you may contact us directly.



Customers may choose to design their sectionals with top-grain Italian leather. Unless otherwise specified, the placement of this leather style can be found on the main touchable surfaces (e.g., the cushions, headrests, and general seating sections), while other areas such as the back, bottom, and sides consist of synthetic (bonded) leather materials. Customers can find this information in the Detailed Info tab on the page of each sectional. If customers choose not to modify their sectionals with top-grain Italian leather, bonded leather will be used as the standard material. Customers may have a particular preference when it comes to comfort. Although many of Jubilee Furniture sectionals are firm, there are plenty of options from which customers can choose. It is crucial, though, for customers to acknowledge that bonded leather sectionals are, by default, placed at a firm comfort level. If a customer decides to return a sectional for any non-damage-related issue (e.g., comfort preference or misinterpretation of the leather materials), they will be responsible for following the key points set forth in this Policy.



A customer may cancel an order for any reason; however, shipping, restocking fees, or other charges may apply if a customer

  • cancels an order after—or does not submit written (email) authorization within—the allotted free cancellation period (See Cancellation Timeline below)
  • cancels an order for reasons other than excessive delays (e.g., product aesthetics or anything related to “Buyer’s Remorse”)
  • refuses or returns an order in an unauthorized manner
  • is continually unreachable by a carrier or Jubilee Furniture representative to arrange a delivery date and time, or if the customer is absent from the property upon delivery of their furniture
  • has an open dispute*
  • wishes to cancel an order while the order is in transit to our warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada; a carrier’s shipping terminal(s); or its final destination 

Please keep in mind that a cancellation is an irreversible process that will result in the immediate removal of all items from a customer’s order details, and the customer may incur cancellation fees per the terms of this Policy.




Charge (% of Total Sales Price)

Within 5 Days (From Initial Deposit)

Free (No Charge)

After 5 Days (From Initial Deposit)


After 20 Days (From Initial Deposit)


After 30 Days (From Initial Deposit)




We will match any price for A. products found at local retailers (if they are nearly identical to Jubilee Furniture’s), and B. if the customer locates the merchandise and informs us within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of their purchase. If the merchandise meets the requirements for a price match, Jubilee Furniture will refund the difference. All accepted returns will be processed and refunded to the payment method used at the time of purchase. All processed refund times vary according to the customer’s bank.

Price matching will NOT be considered for any of the following:

  • Products from wholesale companies
  • Special orders
  • Items shipped directly from manufacturers
  • Floor samples
  • Doorbusters
  • Damaged or out-of-stock items
  • Products from stores that are going out of business
  • Custom-ordered products such as items in which upholstery fabrics have been selected by the customer
  • Clearance items or products that have already been discounted



Online or in-store credit may be offered to a customer in lieu of a monetary refund. If the purchased item exceeds the amount of the issued credit, the difference can be covered with a credit card or ACH transfer. Credit for a returned in-store order will only be processed once a returned order is determined to be in its original, unused condition.


*An open dispute will automatically suspend or cancel an active order, and any shipment for that order will be placed on hold or—if no action is taken by the customer, or if the order is in transit to another location—returned to our warehouse. If a customer feels the dispute was made in error, they may contact Jubilee Furniture to discuss options on how to remedy their dispute and proceed with the delivery of their order. Any customer requesting a refund for a returned order after an open dispute is resolved may incur shipping, restocking, or other penalties in addition to their original order if the customer A. was unable to provide adequate evidence of a dispute error; B. refused their shipment either once or several times, or adamantly declined delivery from a particular carrier or delivery driver; C. requested a last-minute change to their shipping address, thereby incurring re-consignment fees for which Jubilee Furniture would not be held liable; D. confirmed a delivery date and window, but was absent once or several times upon delivery; or E. was unreachable via phone or email for an extended period of time with regard to order updates and general policy information. If a customer files a dispute at any time during the manufacturing or delivery process (prior to the final delivery of their order), but decides to remit payment—in full—in the total amount of the original order, the balance from their initial order will be refunded to them from either Jubilee Furniture or the customer’s financial institution. Customers who opt for this option may be required to provide payment in the form of an ACH transfer. This information applies solely to customers who have not received their orders (i.e., orders that have not been delivered to their final destinations). All other points regarding returns and cancellations can be found within this Policy.



For further questions related to this Policy, contact us at (702) 413-1253.

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