Tiny Bedroom Makeovers - How to Maximize Space

Tiny Bedroom Makeovers - How to Maximize Space

If you have a very small bedroom, it may seem like you have very few design options. You may also feel that there is no scope for change, adding new furniture or more storage. But that may not really be the case. There are many benefits to a small bedroom- it’s cozier and you don’t have to spend significant amounts of money designing nooks and alcoves with seating areas that you hardly ever use. 

With the right kind of planning you can turn your compact bedroom in to an optimized, functional and aesthetically appealing space. Here are some useful tips for your tiny bedroom makeover:


1. Maintain Simplicity in the Layout 

There may not be many layout options in a small bedroom. You’d probably have to put the bed against a main wall and can’t afford to get too creative in this aspect. So, concepts like placing the bed at an angle or the center of the room, are out. 

It’s always best to place the bed at the center of your main wall, instead of placing it against an adjacent one. The spaces on either side of the bed not only improve the movement flow, but also allow you to make your bed without having to struggle with tucking in the bedding along the edge of the bed against the wall. 


2. De-Cluttering is Key 

No matter how expansive your bedroom is, if you place too much furniture and other things in it, the space will look messy and smaller than it is. Before you start on a makeover of the bedroom, de-clutter it. Remove items that don’t have a purpose. While you may want to keep accessories the room, try to keep decor pieces to a bare minimum.  It’s easy to use decor smartly and this is something we will talk about in the next point. 


3. Multi-Use Pieces

When you are buying new furniture for your bedroom makeover, look for pieces that can serve more than a single function. For example, if you don’t have adequate room for a full-scale dresser, buy larger nightstands that have drawers. Hang or place a mirror above the nightstand and that will serve as your dresser as well. 


5. Install Some Vertical Storage

If you like books, have a lot of knick knacks and accents and feel that a traditional bookcase will take up too much space, install vertical storage. These shelving units have a compact footprint, but offer plenty of storage space. Floating shelves are another good option if you feel that even the vertical shelving unit would take up too much room. Position the floating shelves on walls where they won't obstruct movement in the room. 


6. Opt For Hanging Lighting Fixtures

In a small bedroom, it’s best to do away with floor and table lamps. You can place sconces on walls or fix pendant lights to the ceiling above your nightstands. These fixtures can also balance out any floating shelves you might have installed above the headboard. 


7. Smart Storage

There are many modular units that can be used to increase the storage space in a small bedroom. For example, if you have an odd corner that you want to use optimally, look for a unit that fits in perfectly into that area. You don’t always have to opt for custom furniture and sometimes, all it takes are a few good ideas and smart storage solutions to make best use of the available space. 

In addition to all these things, you can improve the ambiance and aesthetic of your tiny bedroom by using clear furniture that are visually lighter. Maintain consistency with the color theme and ensure that the space is well-illuminated.  Use mirrors at strategic points to add the illusion of space to the room. As you can see, all it take is some planning and creativity to maximize space in a tiny bedroom. 

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