Popular Backyard Trends

Popular Backyard Trends

The weather is getting warmer which means you’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors than indoors! What better way to enjoy each lovely day than having a backyard easily accessible and one that is comfortable to relax in. It’s easier to spend time outdoors when you have the right furniture and atmosphere flowing in your backyard. Many things can influence the atmosphere of your backyard such as plants and flowers, patio covers, furniture and other equipment! When it comes to decorating your backyard, it’s best to keep in mind the different trends nowadays since it is less common to have just a simple and boring backyard. Lately, backyards have become a huge design project for many people. 

Backyard Trends:

With the weather warming up, many people are beginning to think of how to get their backyard ready for spring and summer. This year, you will find a lot of interest in outdoor backyard designs ranging from traditional styles to now modern styles like that of a modern living room indoors. The creation of outdoor living spaces has become a huge trend among millennials and new homeowners.

Garden Style


Gardens drastically change the entire look of your backyard. While many people think that gardening is just a hobby, it is more than that. Not all gardening is the same. There are different types of gardens depending on your personal taste. If you would rather opt out on doing the gardening yourself, most people will usually hire a landscape architect to design it for you. When you think of a garden, some imagine a very green area with wooden accents everywhere. That is just one way of designing your backyard and one of the more traditional styles. If you enjoy a little color and modern style, you might do soft colors and accents throughout your garden and possibly go for stone designed walls and steps.

Outdoor Bars/Barbecue Courtyard 

Outdoor bars and barbecue styled courtyards are very popular for those who love to throw celebrations and get-togethers with family and friends. Everyone likes to bring the indoor living and dining rooms to the outdoor living spaces. Popular styles for a modern outdoor barbecue courtyard would be grills, bar islands and even cozy fire places, dining and sofa sets. The goal for this design is to make your outdoor living spaces feel like your indoor living room with very little transitioning.

Waterfalls and Pools

Water has always been a popular addition when it comes to decorating a backyard. Waterfalls provide such a calming sound which adds to the comfort and atmosphere of the backyard. People tend to get waterfalls installed because of the visual appeal and the relaxation it brings. During warm weather, having pool days to go along with a family get-together or barbecues are ideal. It just adds to the fun and excitement of being in your backyard. When constructing your pool design, there’s so many things to consider such as the shape, size, special lighting, wall designs and more. There are more pool designs now than ever and there are endless unique trends that have rose this year. Pool depth is something to consider with your lifestyle. Nowadays, people are going towards consistent pool depths mostly for relaxing purposes rather than swimming and playing in the pool. Some waterfalls and pools will have special lighting changes for night time activities. One of the trending styles is having a bar and island style connected to the pool to make it more interactive and fun.

Indoor Vibe Outdoors

Jubilee Furniture has unique and comfortable sofa and dining sets, along with hammocks and other unique pieces to go with your backyard design. Many enjoy bringing the comfort of their indoor furniture and transfer that same feeling outdoors as well. This can include actual outdoor sofa sets and coffee tables or sometimes even a fire pit in the center for night time vibes. 

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