Liven Up Your Home with Accent Furniture

Liven Up Your Home with Accent Furniture

For several years, one of the biggest trends in home furniture and design are neutral, modern and contemporary styles. The color palette for these trends typically range from light to dark neutral colors such as tan, gray, white and black shades. Neutral rooms typically look appealing and comforting to most people which is why they tend to stick along those colors rather than lively colors. The problem with sticking to neutral colors is that it lacks a lively factor and can often tend to make the room seem too gloomy or boring. Neutrals are a great foundation to start your home design with but adding a little pop of color can make a huge difference! That’s where accent pieces come in. Accent furniture pieces including: throw pillows, arm chairs, cabinets, flowers and art work, just to name a few!


Accent furniture is a must-have trend in home project design! If your home is missing pieces that could change the look of it, here are simple accent furniture ideas you could add to your home to liven it up!

Florals & Plants

You can’t go wrong with adding florals around your home and investing in a few plants to place around your home. Not only do they bring a refreshing and spring aroma around your home, but it can make your home seem more full and take up little and large spaces. Flowers and plants naturally bring positive and bright vibes because of how vivid they are in colors. It is a very subtle way of adding color to your home and making it a little less plain. Flowers and plants can be placed anywhere to add color to your home including: a dining table, coffee table or even hallway cabinets and small corners.

Small Furniture Pieces

Besides the basic sofa and dining sets, there are furniture pieces in between that could change the look and feel of it. For example, adding a coffee table to compliment your sofa set or an arm chair could make the room appear full and have a theme going, especially if there is a color scheme you adopting. If you are doing a neutral sofa set, you might consider getting an arm chair that is a pop of color to match throw pillows for your sofa. Adding a rug would also be a great addition to a living or dining room. For the bedroom, you may add a lamp and/or night stand if you didn’t already have one! Nightstands are easy to add onto! Lamps, and as mentioned above, plants, can truly change a boring nightstand into something with a bit more personality.  These pieces are very subtle and won’t make the room feel cramped. When choosing these pieces, it is important to pick a pattern or color and stick to it as you add things to the room. For example, a pastel orange arm chair might not fit in with a sofa set that has bright green throw pillows. The best part about these small furniture additions is that you can always change it and the room will be different. You can change the look of each room by switching out the furniture pieces per season and it would cost you less than buying larger furniture pieces.  

Wall Art

If you are not too big on bold colors for furniture, you could keep the colors neutral throughout your house and instead, add wall art. Sometimes the thing that makes a room most plain is a blank white wall. You can tell a lot about a person by what they have on their walls. Bold patterned designs are ideal if you like a sleek living or dining room. If you have a very comfy themed home with a fireplace, you might consider adding a subtle piece of art on top of the fire place. Some may add picture frames in hallways as well. If wall art is not something you’re into, changing the color of your walls equally has a good effect on the atmosphere in your home and goes perfectly with neutral furniture. If you get bored of the wall art or the wall color, you can always change it!


Neutrals is a trend that won’t be going away any time soon. The best way to spice up your home and still keep it neutral is by adding changeable accent pieces throughout your home! Jubilee Furniture offers accent pieces including but not limited to: rugs, lamp stands, night stands, throw pillows and wall art!

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