Is Navy the New Neutral?

Is Navy the New Neutral?

When people talk about neutrals, the first colors that come to mind are typically beige and cream, and everything in between. After all, these are time-tested colors that are used to significant effect in classic, traditionally-designed spaces.


But it's time to rethink our ideas about what can be considered a neutral color. Navy is one such color that has now been awarded the "neutral' tag. So what exactly makes this color perfect for different areas in your home? Here is a fresh take on it:


  •      Range Of Shades And Tones- Navy is blue, but in a darker shade. It comes in a variety of hues ranging from navy blue with an azure tint to one with grey or even black undertones. 


  •      Versatility- Regardless of the tones you opt for, this versatile and subtle color makes an impact. If you want to rejuvenate the appearance of a room without replacing your furniture, paint one wall in a navy blue. You'll be surprised at the difference! 


  •      Complements Various Colors- Navy offsets as well as complements many other colors very well. For example, if your living room primarily has beige and whites, you can add a navy-colored accent wall, throw pillows, and rugs. It will instantly uplift the look of the space, and the navy blue color will stand out beautifully without looking out of place. The color looks great in kitchens, bedrooms and entertainment rooms too.


  •      Navy Furnishings Look Stunning- If you don't fancy repainting your walls to alter the look of a room, introduce a navy accent chair or sofa to your space. Not only does it make a style statement, but also balances our lighter-colored decor well. If you have cream or white-colored sofas, rugs, and decor, pops of blue will look amazing in that room.


  •      Experiment With Multiple Shades Of Blue- If you adore navy, you can take the color theme one step further. Use navy with other shades of blue to create a subtle variation and add depth to the room. It's the perfect way to create a neutral look.


  •      Use It To Make Small Changes- When you introduce navy to a room, you don't have to go the whole way. Hang some watercolor frames with blue skies or seas, place accent pieces on console tables or navy-colored fabric and glass lamps on end tables. 


A nautical touch with a blue base tone can create a unique look in a bedroom. White and navy create a bold statement in a modern kitchen, and the color lends itself beautifully to family rooms or living rooms through all seasons. 


  •      Navy for Bedrooms- If your bedroom is primarily a wood and white color scheme, opt for a navy bedding set or get a padded headboard upholstered in navy fabric. The color can be used as a fantastic effect in a kid's bedroom and won't go out of style as your child grows up.


Navy is the New Neutral


You can use your ideas and creativity while including navy in your house. It creates an impact and looks great in homes of different styles. It's a truly neutral color that lends itself beautifully to various areas of a home.


Even if it is the predominant color in a room, it won't overwhelm or affect the appeal of other features there. What's more, it looks as stunning in the daytime as it does in artificial light. It brightens up spaces during dull and drab winter months and lends a touch of elegance to your home during other times of the year. No matter which way you look at it, navy is the new neutral!

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