Guidelines Before Selecting Your Seating

Guidelines Before Selecting Your Seating

How To Select Your Own Seating In Jubilee Furniture Store

The Modern Sectional Sofas are an ultimate in functional seating. Today’s sectionals are much more versatile and sophisticated. Sectionals can consist of many pieces, attached or modular style – sleek or spacious – depending on the space to fill in your living room, family room or even the den.

Sectionals offer an ample room for seating, ideal for big crowds and gatherings. Most people think that sectionals can work only in large rooms, but Sectionals can really maximize seating options in smaller spaces especially when put in the corner of the room. On the other hand, it can also break up an open floor plan.

The Sofa Sets which comprises of Sofa (normally 3 cushions), Love seat (2 cushions) and a Chair has gone through an evolution all these years. From TRADITIONAL – deeply carved, thick wood with hand carved scrolls and rolled arms designs to MODERN - sleek and functional style to heavily influenced the aesthetic of the design.

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There are various styles of Sectional that could fit any space in your home

  • L- Shape – would be combining (2) sofas together at the end to form a right angle. It normally comes in 3 cushions connected to a 2 cushions style. The L-shape design is the most versatile of sectionals. It can be placed into a corner or floating in the middle of the room.
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  • Chaise – This Sectional is a sofa with an extended ottoman attached to one side or a shape of a chair that is long enough to extend or support your legs
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  • U-Shape -If you want to get more out of your seating capacity and wants to fill in a huge space in your living room, the U-shape Sectional is right for you. The two extended arms that face each other is perfect for intimate conversations.
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  • Modular – can include several pieces as Chair with arms, armless Chairs, corner and Chaise that can be connected to your specific configuration.
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  • Sleeper- This is also a functional and flexible piece which can be for sitting and sleeping too. Most sleeper sofa are typically featured with a Chaise.
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    Bigger Furniture comes with more consideration

    • Find the Location you want your Sectional to be. Try Taping out its exact shape and dimension into your floor. This will ensure that you have enough room to go around it and it will not disrupt traffic flow.
    • When buying an L-shape or Sectional with Chaise, choose a side where you want to extend out. Stand in front of the sofa, facing it head on.
      • Right arm facing (RAF)– a right arm facing sectional is one that the chaise is on the right when facing the sofa.
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      • Left arm facing (LAF)– this is the opposite, in which when you are standing/looking in front of the sofa, the chaise is on your left.
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    • Be aware that L- and U- shape sectionals, the seat in the corner will likely be boxed in on both sides, which leaves little room for lounging legs when the rest of the sofa is occupied.
    • Normally, the sectionals are commonly placed against the wall. But new houses have open floor plans so putting the sectional in the middle of the room is a great way to visually mix things up.

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