Finding Your Interior Design Style

Finding Your Interior Design Style

The most exciting part for every new homeowner is the chance to decorate your home from scratch. Most people struggle with finding their interior design style because there are too many great options to choose from or they just don’t know where to start. 

Finding your home interior design style is an amazing moment because of how much it changes how you view it. Once you fall in love with your home, it affects your feelings towards it and ultimately makes it a place you always want to be. If you find yourself furniture shopping without a proper guide for styling your new home, then you will want to follow these steps below!


Take a Good Look at Your Home

When you first move into your home, take a look around and observe every little space. You might consider taking photos of your home to be able to better visualize it at a later time. Sometimes it’s easier to look at a photo and imagine what you’d like in a certain spot than by physically being there visualizing it.

By taking a good look at your home, you can point out the things you want to change, the areas you want to add to and more! Don’t forget to keep it organized and take notes as you go. Our professionals at Jubilee Furniture have been in business since 1999, providing the best in quality furniture and our guidance in planning your home furniture. We understand the way certain pieces can complement a home. Once you’ve taken a good look at your home, visit your Las Vegas Furniture store for help and advice on your ideas for your home.


Create an Inspiration Board on Pinterest

If you haven’t already heard of Pinterest, you must have been missing out all this time! Pinterest is a great platform to use to gain inspiration for any creative projects such as home projects. It is used much like a digital scrapbook combined with a wish list! Our Jubilee Pinterest boards are filled with ideas and furniture pieces that you can gain inspiration from. If you are looking for furniture ideas to enhance your home, visit us on Pinterest, discover our furniture suggestions and of course, save them!

Pinterest is a very aesthetically pleasing site. At first glance, the images and pages you see are usually creative and appealing where it catches your attention to read further. Pinterest offers tons of great DIY tips for anything you can think of.  


Explore Different Styles

When you are in the process of picking your home décor style, it is important to remember to take your time. Finding a style and theme for your home takes patience, time and tons of options to explore! What many don’t realize is that, when you pick a general style for your home, it can still feel like a scattered idea. Narrowing down your choices by keeping a list of things you do and don’t like will go a long way for your home. By the end of it, you will truly be confident in your home and where you want it to get to.


Stick to Your Chosen Style

The process of building your home style takes some time as it should! Once you finally choose a style that fits you, make sure you stick with it. Some people will find themselves branching out of their decor style which can alter the theme and feel of your home. Save the change in themes for the changing seasons!

If you find yourself being one who gets bored of home styles easily, we suggest that you choose neutral furniture that you are able to work with. Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a vibrant red sofa set and not liking it when it comes time for winter. Instead of replacing the large pieces, set yourself up by buying neutral large furniture pieces for year-long use and accent furniture to add your own spice! At Jubilee Furniture, we offer a wide selection of neutral furniture that is comfortable, modern, trending and easy to transition as the seasons change. This is the best choice for those of you who often find yourself changing your interests according to trends in the year. Finding a Las Vegas Furniture store that is equally up to date and relevant in the trends of the industry is key. It can be frustrating to enter a Las Vegas Furniture store that is outdated in their patterns and prints.

Jubilee Furniture offers the latest in modern and contemporary furniture pieces. From bold and patterned accent pieces to classic leather furniture and of course, comfortable pieces meant for gatherings. We have it all!

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