Design Your Ideal Home on a Budget

Design Your Ideal Home on a Budget

Styling your home is difficult when you have a tight budget! Fortunately, you can still create the home of your dreams on a budget. Having a budget should not have to limit your design capabilities of your home. If you plan properly and purchase wisely, with the right guidance, your ideal home is possible. Your interior home style does not need to come with a price!

Jubilee Furniture shares our top secrets on creating a modern and contemporary home on a budget for all new homeowners. If you love the look of elegance, we offer a wide variety of high end and luxury furniture pieces that will achieve just that, all for a reasonable price at Jubilee Furniture. Visit our social media for details on our close-out sale this season. 

Invest in Pillows

Pillows throughout your home provide comfort and create the finishing touch to your home furniture. If you take a look at your home and wonder what is missing, it could possibly be pillows. Pillows would never exceed your design budget! They offer more than just comfort but act as great layering pieces for the home. A couch without throw pillows just wouldn’t be the same. 

A great choice would be pillows that add cushion to a seat. Whether you are looking to fill an accent chair in your living room or add comfort to your island stools in the kitchen, throw pulls are soft, comfy and change the tone of a simple seat. Always be sure to choose pillows that are fluffy and overstuffed, they are great fillers!

Accessorize Your Windows

If you’ve ever walked into a home without anything but a window or simple blinds, you’ll notice how bland they come off at first glance. Most people don’t realize that how you design your windows impacts the entire aura of the home. You can likely find inexpensive curtains and accessories at various department stores and transform your entire tone. Choosing fabrics such as silk, linen and cotton create an elegant look for just a small price. 

One Big Furniture Purchase

Sometimes, quality pieces aren’t always cheap and cheap isn’t always quality. This holds very true when it comes to furniture shopping. Be mindful when shopping for furniture pieces in Las Vegas. The focus is indeed inexpensive, however, a good deal and cheap furniture are very different things. Purchasing a sofa set for cheaper than you can imagine can have a long term consequence. This means this can cost you more in the long run as you can easily have to replace certain pieces sooner than you think due to them being “cheap” when initially purchased. However, there are Las Vegas Furniture stores that offer elegant and luxury style furniture for very affordable prices compared to other places. 

Pay attention to Las Vegas Furniture stores that have a wonderful reputation, they are more than likely to offer amazing deals throughout the year that won't break your design budget. Jubilee Furniture in Las Vegas is a highly reputable furniture store carrying a variety of furniture pieces both for the modern and contemporary styled homeowners. Visit our Las Vegas Showroom for our exclusive close-out sale for the season!

Stick to a Theme and Keep it Simple

While you may have many interior design interests, try to stick to one overall theme. Choose a simple approach that allows you to be neutral and use certain pieces throughout the year. This saves you money in terms of transitioning to different seasons. Simplicity and minimalism is a great way to stick to your design budget. There's no need to over-do your home's style. Keeping things simple is a great way to ensure that your home is always clutter-free.

Although interior design and home decor can seem overwhelming at first, remember that you don't need to decorate your entire home at once. There is no deadline and your style is ever-changing. Take the time to style each room. Rome wasn't built in a day! For all of your Las Vegas furniture needs, visit Jubilee Furniture. Jubilee Furniture has a great showroom with different styles that will suit every home.

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