Jubilee Furniture prioritizes expeditious delivery service for each customer by providing up-to-date status checks and detailed shipping information. We realize the importance of receiving your order in a timely manner, which is why we insist on notifying our customers that shipping and delivery times for custom-made sectionals may be extended due to a variety of factors, many of which are beyond our control. Please carefully and thoroughly read our Shipping Policy to fully understand how we collect, use, protect, or otherwise handle your purchase in accordance with the policies set forth herein.


Upon registering your Jubilee Furniture account, you will be able to add both billing and shipping addresses. Shipping costs are determined during the online checkout process. If you have not added your address details prior to completing your purchase, you will still have the option to obtain the appropriate pricing on the checkout page. 

Note: Nationwide shipping is available for residents within the contiguous United States. (Restrictions apply to residents of Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Shipping costs are subject to change. Call for details.)


Our specially designed bonded and top-grain Italian leather materials are sent to our overseas manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. From there, employees ensure each sectional is handcrafted with complete precision. Once a product is finished, it is carefully placed in a shipping container that is sent to our port in Long Beach, California. Once cleared through Customs and released from the port, the order is sent directly to our warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Once we receive an order at our warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada, we will contact the relative third-party carrier for pick-up. As soon as the order is received by the carrier, an email containing a tracking number will be sent to the corresponding customer. For non–Las Vegas residents, a product is often delivered to one or more shipping terminals before being delivered to its final destination.


Jubilee Furniture partners with several third-party carriers. Carriers are responsible for contacting customers when scheduling delivery windows. As soon as an order leaves our warehouse, Jubilee Furniture is no longer directly involved with the final delivery process; customers are encouraged to contact the carriers directly for order status updates and other delivery-related information.


Tracking numbers are provided to customers as soon as their orders leave our warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada. All deliveries are carried out by one or more of our third-party carriers—not by any representatives of Jubilee Furniture. Depending on the location, an order may be delivered to one or more shipping terminals closest to that order's final destination. When tracking your order, keep in mind that it is each carrier's responsibility to contact you prior to the final delivery process. You will only be contacted once your order has reached its final shipping terminal and is ready to be shipped directly to you. If a carrier has not contacted you within twenty-four (24) hours from the date your order was delivered to the final shipping terminal, kindly follow up with them directly.* If you are still having difficulty in reaching your carrier, you may contact us directly at


In-Stock Items  3-5 Business Days 1-3 Weeks
Special Orders 3-5 Business Days  12-16 Weeks

(Note: The estimated delivery time begins as soon as our manufacturer receives confirmation of a customer's order. Deliveries typically mirror their scheduled time frames; however, due to COVID-19 and other external factors, delivery times may be impacted. Please understand that while we try to provide the most accurate shipment information, exact delivery times are not guaranteed.)


All special orders and in-store purchases are subject to the terms and conditions in accordance with our standard curbside delivery procedure. Upon delivery, an order will be placed directly outside a customer's home.**

Our White Glove Service is for anyone who is either on a tight schedule or in need of extra assistance with the in-home delivery and assembly of their furniture.***


All cartons that are shipped via our third-party carriers MUST be thoroughly inspected for any signs of mishandling, including, but not limited to, the following potential issues:

  • scuffs, dents, holes, rips, or tears
  • staining on sectional pieces or accessories
  • visible damage to the packaging or pallets

Visible damage must be noted on the Proof of Delivery (POD)—a receipt provided to the customer upon delivery—before it is signed. Declared damage on the POD applies to any visible damage to the pallet(s) and/or packaging; when noting any damage to the pallet(s) and/or packaging, be sure to include as many pictures as possible. Upon completion of a delivery, customers will carefully inspect the contents of their orders for missing items or potential damage. If any damage is visible or any items are missing, customers can initiate a claim. Vital information regarding the claim process can be found on the Claim Policy page.

(IMPORTANT: Any damage not noted on the POD will be assumed to have occurred after delivery. If there is visible damage to an item after the packaging has been dismantled, make sure to thoroughly document it in as much detail as possible. The more you document, the more helpful it will be during the claim process. To begin the claim process, customers will need to submit a viable claim [with photos and a detailed description] within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of their delivery. Keep in mind any damaged sectional, accessory, or add-on feature may be repaired or replaced depending on the level of damage determined by the Jubilee Furniture Claims Department. Check our Claim Policy page for more details. For information about general coverage, please review our Warranty Policy page.)


Jubilee Furniture may store a customer’s order for up to thirty (30) calendar days, at no charge, upon the order’s initial arrival at our warehouse. If an order exceeds the 30-day period, storage fees will be $15.00 per day, with a maximum fee of $150.00 per month. If a customer is unable to confirm receipt of their order after six (6) months from the date an order arrives at our warehouse, we will have to suspend (cancel) the order, and 35% of the total sales price will be deducted from the refund amount, which will be credited to the card the customer used at the time of purchase. Customers are to notify Jubilee Furniture sales representatives BEFORE completing their purchases of any situations (e.g., moving, traveling, etc.) in which the customers will not able to receive their furniture pieces within the 12–16 week time period. A customer will be sent three (3) emails to confirm acknowledgement of the storage fees; after that, the fees will continue to be applied until the customer responds with a decision to either keep or cancel their order, or until the order has reached the 6-month mark. We will make every effort to accommodate customers who maintain communication with our representatives. All fees are assessed and determined by the carrier and Jubilee Furniture.


In-transit orders cannot be canceled. Cancellations are subject to the terms and conditions of our Return Policy.

*To minimize potentially extensive wait times, customers are encouraged to directly contact the shipping terminal at which their orders are being held. (Jubilee Furniture is not responsible for charges incurred for non-toll-free calls made to carriers.)

**Customers are required to meet their carriers to validate receipt of their items. Furniture will not be delivered to its final destination unless signed for by the corresponding recipient(s). Unless otherwise specified, all carriers provide curbside delivery service. This entails delivering an order directly to the door (“curb”) of a customer’s home. Customers are to bear in mind that while all products are thoroughly packaged and taped, products such as glass panels, sectional pieces, or other accessories may shift during transit. Customers are to carefully dismantle all packaging to avoid potential injuries from shifted items. If possible, a carrier may place a customer’s order in a sheltered area, but all Jubilee Furniture third-party carriers are not mandated to perform this action. Due to their unique structural designs, all Jubilee Furniture beds slightly extend over the pallets on which they are placed before and during the shipping process, thus disqualifying them for liftgate service; upon delivery, recipients are to assist carriers with the offloading procedure of any queen- and king-size beds. If customers are unable to assist the carrier, it is recommended that they locate additional support to aid in the offloading of their bed pieces prior to the final delivery process. If customers are in need of assistance with the assembly of their furniture, they may contact Jubilee Furniture to arrange for White Glove Service. For all customer orders that become damaged or misplaced while in the carrier’s possession, the salvaging or disposition of all Jubilee Furniture products include, but are not limited to, the following: A. All fully non-salvageable items will undergo the appropriate disposition process by the third-party carrier; B. Customer information (sensitive details omitted) will be provided to the carrier for the purpose of arranging a delivery time and date—any carrier who wishes to contact a customer with regard to any damaged or missing pieces will do so solely at their discretion and will not be acting on behalf of a Jubilee Furniture representative; C. A sectional “piece” consists of an entire sectional unit, not an individual one; and D. Jubilee Furniture will be absolved of any supplemental shipping fees or other charges in which the carrier returns, retains, or delivers any damaged or misplaced items, regardless of their salvageable conditions.

***Jubilee Furniture offers White Glove Service to assist customers with the assembly of their furniture. This feature is often utilized by customers looking to conveniently minimize their product setup time. As noted in Jubilee’s Shipping Policy, White Glove Service personnel are set to arrive within 1–2 business days from the dates customers receive their orders. In some instances, Jubilee Furniture will be able to arrange–but not guarantee–same-day service. For customers who have White Glove Service, it is imperative that, prior to our White Glove Service personnel’s arrival, A. the packaging is not dismantled, and B. the furniture is not removed from the pallet(s). In the event of any damage caused BEFORE our White Glove Service team arrives, it is the customer’s sole responsibility to inform the carrier, upon delivery, of the damages by notating all details on the Proof of Delivery (POD) and supplying Jubilee Furniture with pictures of the pallet(s) and packaging. If any damage occurs DURING the moving (“transfer”) and assembly of a customer’s furniture by our White Glove Service team, it is the sole responsibility of the White Glove Service team to provide Jubilee Furniture with photos and details of the incurred damage during this process, including any damage to the pallet(s), packaging, and/or contents. Customers with White Glove Service are not to assist White Glove Service personnel in moving or assembling their furniture. Claims will not be accepted if no damage is visible in any of the White Glove Service personnel’s photos provided to Jubilee Furniture during the furniture transfer and assembly process. Contact a Jubilee Furniture representative for more information about our White Glove Service policy and pricing. If a customer chooses this service, we will contact our White Glove Service personnel only AFTER that customer has confirmed a delivery window with their carrier. This is to ensure both delivery and assembly are done systematically. Please keep in mind that due to strict COVID-19 regulations, carriers and White Glove Service personnel will be divided into two teams. (More information can be found on Jubilee Furniture’s Shipping Policy and Claim Policy pages.)

Although Jubilee Furniture is not responsible for potential issues or shipping irregularities caused by one of our third-party carriers, we will do our best to assist you with any concerns you may have.

Contact us with any questions at (702) 413-1253.

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