For years, family-owned Jubilee Furniture has offered quality furniture in Las Vegas with quality service and the best selection at the best price. Our goal has always been to supply customers with beautiful designs and comfortable furniture. We’ve had the same logo for a long time. Now, we are proud to debut our brand-new website and look!

We wanted a change because the world is so different than it was when Jubilee Furniture was created. We needed a logo that really represented who we are as a company and what we stand for. It was time for us to get a makeover! Our new logo is meant to show customers a strong yet feminine impression. The chair in our logo represents how we want to make our customers feel comfortable while buying furniture in Las Vegas.

In the year 1999, Jubilee Furniture was founded by Mary Li. Her family owned multiple furniture stores in Southern California since the 1980s. However, she wanted to create her own furniture store in Las Vegas, and Jubilee Furniture was born. Mary is involved in the production of the furniture she sells from start to finish. She is partnered with the furniture manufacturer, giving her complete control of the Las Vegas furniture sold at Jubilee Furniture. We are proud to be able to offer beautiful custom furniture based on a customer’s desires.

Why did Mary choose “jubilee” to name her Las Vegas furniture store? Jubilee is defined as a special anniversary or a season of celebration. Jubilee Furniture was intended to be a celebration of life. So that’s what we do every day! We celebrate our customers and make them feel special. Our customers are not just customers. Every person who walks into Jubilee Furniture becomes our friend and family. Customers who come into Jubilee Furniture will find a comfortable environment. Shopping in a Las Vegas furniture store should be fun!

At Jubilee Furniture, we go beyond customer service for furniture in Las Vegas. A major priority is to make sure our customers have faith in us. Mary sets an amazing example, which all employees are expected to follow. Because furniture is such a huge part of turning a house into a home, we know how important it is to make people comfortable while they set out to design a home. We are more than happy to show customers our many options and take the time to find that perfect piece. What we have always wanted is for people to go home happy with the furniture they bought. Our wonderful employees are honest, loyal, hardworking, and good to customers. Every person at Jubilee Furniture wants to connect with the customers and turn shopping into a fun, personal experience. We love having that time to socialize with our customers.

Jubilee Furniture could not be what it is without founder and owner Mary Li. Her family has been in the furniture business for decades. She brought that experience and expertise to her own Las Vegas furniture business. Beyond that, Mary loves making customers happy. Her favorite part about owning her own Las Vegas furniture store is when families walk in and she gets to know them. Mary is both a mother and a grandmother herself and values family. When you get the chance, drop into Jubilee Furniture to pay Mary a visit! We will all be happy to see you!

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