Revamp Your Backyard with Memorial Day Furniture Sales

Revamp Your Backyard with Memorial Day Furniture Sales

Vegas heat really packs a punch. Get your backyard ready for Memorial Day weekend, and spend the summer enjoying peaceful nights outside.



The best way to beat the heat is to spend your time in the backyard as the sun sets. Set up some outdoor string lights, and immediately your backyard will be transformed into a calm, euphoric paradise. Now, you can take advantage of the cooler temperatures of the night while creating a softer atmosphere. Jubilee’s outdoor coffee table could make an excellent gathering spot for a few friends and family.

Quick tip: leave some dark spots in the backyard when hanging lights. The more subtle variations in the light you can throw in, the more ambient your space will be.


Pull those weeds! As the summer months near, the heat continues to rise. Deal with those weeds now, and you’ll thank yourself halfway through the summer. This will also help to open up space in your backyard, and you’ll have the room for a few more outdoor projects before summer really hits.

If you find yourself with some extra backyard space, Jubilee might be able to fill it with an outdoor sectional. Outdoor sectionals give your family ample seating space to enjoy the outside without intruding too much on ground space. If you’d like your own chair and you still want to soak in some sunlight, Jubilee also has you covered with outdoor chaises.


Use Color

To make a happier and more exciting backyard, paint what you can bright colors! If you have an old chair that’s sat outside all year, clean it up and paint it orange and bright blue. Flat rocks in your garden can be painted, too! Colors will help bring the space into the summer months, and the atmosphere will be more vibrant.

Colors also make the house feel like a home. Try using colors like rustic green, fiery red, warm amber, or rich blue. They will make the backyard yours, and they could even boost the value of your home.

Quick tip: if you’re going for a specific theme, pick a color palette that compliments it. For example, a serene backyard might have many subdued purples and blues. An invigorated backyard might have more brilliant reds, yellows, and greens.


New Furniture

Now that styles are changing and modern contemporary furniture is at the forefront of tastes, Jubilee has updated all its outdoor sofa sets. Find yourself a sofa set that matches your tastes while keeping your backyard feeling new and modern.

If you’d like a place to take a nap or relax comfortably for a long time (and if you have the room), set up an outdoor bed. Jubilee’s outdoor bed is made of chairs that can recline, so you and another can both enjoy the outside air while reading or surfing the web.


Install a Pool

Beat the heat by taking a swim during the summer. Installing a pool takes some time, but with the extra day over Memorial Day weekend, you can set everything up to get one installed right in your backyard. Pools are great for the entire family, and every summer after this one, you’ll have the pool to enjoy.

Finding the best company can be the most difficult part. Here at Jubilee, we recommend Renaissance Pools & Spa, centered in Henderson. They’ll work with you to make the most of your backyard space. And, they have an informative blog about how to keep your pets safe when you own a pool. You can also find out how swimming acts as a natural anxiety relief. Swimming could be a great de-stressor during those hot summer months.


Shading for the Day

If you aren’t a night person, don’t fret! Giving yourself some shade for the day takes a bit more time, but it is worth every second if you can drop the temperature of your backyard. If you have the energy over Memorial Day weekend, try setting up a pergola. It will provide you shade, a small place to hang out, and a new growing area for your plants. If you’re having trouble with filling the inside space, consider one of Jubilee’s outdoor hanging chairs. You can rest with ease in a comfortable chair, enjoying the shade and atmosphere of your new pergola.

If a pergola is too much, try making a plant wall from some old rain gutters. Building off an existing wall or balcony will help to close in the space to give the most shade possible. And if you make one big enough, you can squeeze in an outdoor dining set or sofa to enjoy during the day.

Here at Jubilee, we pride ourselves on family building and community. Our outdoor dining sets can help build your family, giving summers a purpose to spend loving time with each other. These outdoor dining sets will let your family grab some fresh air, even during the hot summer months.

Since the Vegas heat is quickly approaching, take on as much as you can for Memorial Day weekend and let yourself rest all summer long!

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