Modern Contemporary or Traditional Furniture?

Modern Contemporary or Traditional Furniture?

When it comes to planning out the furniture for your home, people tend to go for a traditional style or modern contemporary. While there are some who enjoy the styles of both, it can be difficult to combine the two without them clashing. Modern contemporary can be categorized as a style that is current and in trend, in other words: modern decor. Traditional styled furniture can be categorized as a timeless, classic and elegant style.

Modern Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture is perfect for people who like to be current in all things fashion and style altogether. People who enjoy this style are likely to enjoy simple and bold colors, along with unique art to complement. Modern and contemporary styles focus more on the simple and bold colored sofas and focus their detail on art, accent pieces such as patterned throw pillows and comforter sets on top of bold colored furniture such as black, gold, silver, blue and many more colors.

The focus for modern contemporary furniture are styles that came after the 19th century. Modern furniture embraces a specific aesthetic that people go for. Some enjoy urban, chic or bold aesthetic vibes. It's not really about the edge of the furniture, but the way it all flows together in one room. Accent pieces are great for furniture that are bold or simple in color or style. Nowadays, adding a pop of color makes the entire room vibe. 

Traditional Furniture

Traditional furniture is perfect for those who enjoy making a stunning impression. A lot of traditional furniture pieces are typically a classic wooden style, embellished pieces, and furniture that resemble an older time period. Neutral colors are typically chosen for this style such as shades of brown and white to go along with the furniture. Traditional furniture pieces, such as living room chairs, have more detail within the arms and legs compared to a simplistic modern style.

Traditional furniture focuses on styles from the early 20th century and more of an old world style. This type of furniture style is very classic and can be seen as formal. The pieces were meant to mimic royal monarchies from an earlier time. Generally, you will notice this style especially in dining room sets such as tables and chairs. If your home is large, it would be nice to have traditional furniture in certain parts of the home. 

How can you decide which style suits you more?

Traditional and contemporary are very different and have unique aspects that make it difficult to combine. If you are someone that likes to experiment with bold colors whether it be through wall art, sofa patterns, then modern looks are for you. You can always mix and match colors with a modern style and not have to change the furniture to keep up with trends. Being a trendsetter is important when picking modern and contemporary furniture. Traditional furniture revolves around dark shades of wood and details within the actual furniture. You will find a lot of specific carved embellishments on the furniture pieces for those who enjoy traditional styles. The first step in deciding which is best for you is deciding what you do and don’t like. Going in a furniture store and visualizing all the products can help you decide what style fits you best. Take a look and explore the different style because there are a billion to choose from. Once you have figured out your taste, stick to it!

At Jubilee Furniture, we offer unique pieces perfect for any modern and contemporary style but also offer timeless furniture and accent pieces to add to your home. Jubilee Furniture in Las Vegas has a variety of pieces ranging from traditional embellished and detailed furniture and modern, metal framed and bright colored pieces that you will love. Some pieces are even a balance of both the modern contemporary and traditional style.

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