How to Clean Real Wood Furniture

How to Clean Real Wood Furniture

Real wood furniture is gorgeous. Fine wood furniture adds so much warmth and beauty to any home, and with good care it can last for generations. With so many cleaning methods and different products out there, one can go crazy trying to figure out the best way to care for your gorgeous real wood furniture. Here at Jubilee Furniture in Las Vegas we have tons of beautiful fine wood furniture pieces. Mary Li, The Furniture lady of Las Vegas, has put together some great tips to care for your real wood furniture.

Should you dust, wax, or clean your real wood furniture?

The care for your real wood furniture really depends on the finish of the piece. Always, always dust your real wood furniture. Frequent dusting removes airborne deposits that build up in a filmy layer and can scratch the surface. The best method for dusting is using a clean, dry, soft cloth or feather dusters to effectively remove dust on your real wood furniture. The furniture lady of Las Vegas recommends that you damp the cloth slightly to avoid any scattering of the dust into the air that will later land back into the real wood furniture surface. Microfiber cloths are a great choice for dusting because they grab and hold a ton of dust without releasing it into the air. They remove dust without scratching your real wood furniture or damaging your real wood pieces. With Microfiber cloths you don’t need polishes or oils. We also recommend both disposable and washable microfiber cloths to use for the dusting of your real wood furniture.

You need to be careful when caring for your real wood furniture. You can really damage your real wood furniture finish by using the wrong methods and products. We suggest that you start with the gentlest cleansers and work your way to stronger solutions as necessary. You always test out an area in the inside of your real wood furniture piece before going all the way.

First, start out with a gentle household cleaner such as dish washing detergent. Mix the water and detergent in a bucket and use solution to sponge down the entire real wood furniture piece. Be sure not to soak your piece. Brush the sponge lightly over the surface and don’t let the liquid linger for long. You must dry thoroughly.

If you need your real wood furniture a little cleaner, Mary Li suggests moving on to mineral oils. These should be harmless to your real wood finishing’s. But still, test an area before going all the way. When done right, mineral oils can remove years of grime. After you apply, you must wipe away any residue with water.

Lastly, when you are finally satisfied with your cleaning efforts and your real wood furniture looks like new, you must protect it. The furniture lady of Las Vegas recommends applying furniture wax. Afterwards, buff your real wood furniture with a clean cloth.

Now that you know how to take care of your real wood furniture the right way, stop by Jubilee Furniture in Las Vegas to pick out your piece!

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