5 New Years Resolutions for Your Home

5 New Years Resolutions for Your Home

Heading into 2019 means creating realistic and achievable goals! Everyone has their own list of goals to accomplish in the new year - but one of the most important things to add to your list is improving your home! Accomplish your New Year resolutions for your home in 2019 by bringing in new habits and keeping in mind the value of your home. 

Here are Jubilee Furniture’s top New Years Resolutions for homeowners and tips to continue these habits all year long:

Declutter your home

One of the easiest ways to improve your home is by de-cluttering all the useless junk you’ve piled up throughout the year. There’s no denying that we have our temptations throughout the year: buying and accepting useless furniture pieces just because they look good to us in the moment or our of obligation.

One important thing to remember is not to be impulsive when buying you home goods. Take your time, the item will still be there at a later time, even better, at a more affordable price too. Accepting old family heirlooms or classic furniture also changes the entire look and feel of your home, especially if that item is an older century furniture piece handed down each generation and your home is a representation of modern contemporary. Either way, these things add up so remember to get rid of it at the end of the year, or avoid it as much as possible.


Keep Your Home Clean 

Once you’ve de-cluttered your home of useless junk, the biggest responsibility comes with maintaining the value of your home by keeping it clean. This means ensuring that your items are dusted weekly, your carpet flooring is cleaned often, preventing scuffing throughout areas of your home and of course maintaining your front yard and backyard. These are just to name a few. When you don’t keep your home clean, your home can develop filth and really de-value your home without you knowing. You’d be surprised at how much your environment can change when you don’t make cleanliness a habit. 


Stick to a Theme

It’s easy to become impulsive with furniture when you are a new homeowner. Don’t get carried away when it comes to shopping. Along many things to do at the start of the year, creating a budget and a plan for your home is key. Explore different color palettes, patterns and fabrics. Next, test out your furniture options with the type of flooring and wall colors you have in your home. Sticking to a theme is much easier when you set your mind on colors that you want to stick with and colors to stay away from. This makes shopping easier and impulsive buying less of a possibility. 


Get Your Place Ready for Gatherings 

Make it a goal to make your home a top destination for gatherings with your family and friends. If you’ve ever visited a family member or friend and loved the comforting feel of their home, who’s to say your home can’t be a pick for the next social gathering? Normally, most people stray away from hosting gatherings at their home in fear that their home is not presentable. This year, make it a priority to keep your home clean and keep it presentable for gatherings. Doing this means making sure you go along with each season’s festive events. Invest in festive decor for your gatherings, or furniture pieces to give off the perfect comfortable feel for your guests.


Take Advantage of Furniture Sales 

Take advantage of purchasing furniture at ridiculously low prices during the mid-winter and mid-summer months. Get your year started by shopping for furniture in January if you are a new homeowner. If you’re looking to improve your outdoor living experience, wait until mid-summer to purchase them when they are lower in demand. You’ll notice many local furniture stores beginning to decrease the prices. Take your time as you scope out different furniture deals. You’ll know when the price is right and unbeatable!


As you shop for your furniture pieces for the new year, remember to visit Jubilee Furniture. Find furniture pieces that are extremely modern, versatile and extremely affordable in price at our Las Vegas Showroom

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