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  • Tips For Transitioning Your Home for Fall
    Published : 09/28/2018 03:49:52 | Categories : Jubilee Furniture

    It’s officially fall season! Luckily, Las Vegas takes a little longer compared to most cities to actually be fall-ready. This buys us a bit more time to transition our homes into the season!

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  • Cozy Living Room Tips
    Published : 09/07/2018 18:30:05 | Categories : Jubilee Furniture

    It’s just about that time warm beddings and home décor, comfy pillows and lots of cozy days and nights. September is the perfect month to start transitioning your living room furniture!

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  • How to Clean and Care for Leather Furniture
    Published : 08/29/2018 18:37:02 | Categories : Jubilee Furniture

    Leather is one of the most durable and low-maintenance surfaces that you can use in your home. Different types of leather furnishings require different cleaning methods.

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  • How to Style Your Dresser
    Published : 08/15/2018 14:22:07 | Categories : Jubilee Furniture

    Aside from the bed, your dresser is probably the most noticeable piece of furniture in your bedroom. Follow these simple steps to give your dresser a complete makeover!

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  • Choosing The Right Rug
    Published : 08/08/2018 14:58:37 | Categories : Jubilee Furniture

    Furniture, furnishings, and fixtures have a very important role to play in the ambiance of your home. A few special touches like aesthetically appealing rugs can improve the appearance of your space!

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